On-demand Course

Learners’ Motivation in Online Education

Learn and identify the external motivation factors in your (corporate) online training environment

Course overview

This course is designed to give you the freedom to go through the content and complete the assignment at your own pace. Contact us at digitalsocietyschool@hva.nl for special rates for groups and institutions.

Globally, we are already experiencing closures in schools and universities, postponements or even cancellations of conferences and other organised events, and social distancing. To ensure a continuity in students’ learning, most governments are looking to find a solution in online education initiatives. Such initiatives may include the use of online synchronous communication and the design, delivery and assessment of online learning activities within a virtual learning environment. This training course aims to support teachers in their new role in online education, through the completion of 3-hour autonomous modules, teachers will be introduced to the most important elements of online learning.

Apart from the training and the learning activities that will take place within each autonomous module, teachers will have the opportunity to share questions, concerns, challenges, but also good practices related to effective online teaching.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course, participants should be able to understand:

  • Reflect on the external motivation factors in the online learning environment
  • Determine the  motivation  factors  in  corporate online training and emergency remote teaching


A certificate of completion will be sent to successful participants. Successful completion can be achieved by completing the learning task assigned.

For whom is this course?

  • This course is for teachers who work in primary, secondary, higher and vocational education.
  • Also for people who facilitate online workshops and events and want to know more about online education and the different pedagogical approaches.

Questions you may have

Q: Where to start?
A: You start by watching the recording of the live session. Then, you can read the required and optional readings and complete a learning activity.
Q: Will I receive additional support during this training?
A: Apart from the learning activities that will take place in the course, you will have the opportunity to share questions, concerns, challenges, but also good practices related to the contents of the course. We want to ensure that this is a safe and open space for development.
Q: Do I have to be online during specific times/days?
A: No. The online session has been recorded and available to watch it whenever you have time.
Q: Where will this course take place?
A: The course will take place within Digital Society School’s virtual learning platform.

Meet the course instructors

Dimitrios Vlachopoulos

Dimitrios Vlachopoulos has worked as faculty member in different universities in the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Spain and Cyprus, mainly conducting research in education sciences and teaching in post-graduate and doctorate programs in the field of pedagogy and business administration. He is a committed lifelong learner with a PhD in distance education and instructional technology and 6 MA degrees in education and social sciences. His research focuses on new and emerging pedagogies, instructional design, research methodology, digital transformation, teachers’ training and quality assurance in education. He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He has more than 90 publications in peer-reviewed journals, books and international conferences and has participated in more than 15 EU projects related to education and ICT.