Global Goals Jam Impact report | Digital edition

Global Goals Jam Impact report | Digital edition


The digital version of the Global Goals Jam Impact Report! This report showcases the stories and learnings of key partners of our global community of change makers, the Global Goals Jam. Since 2016, local organisers host a two day event where creative teams work together on local challenges related to the Global Goals. Using a tailored toolkit, they create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term goals.

In the report, you will find stories from community members, partners, and case studies from local Jammers, ranging from 2016 to 2020. Download the report and read how teams in India, Japan, Brazil, Italy or Uganda created prototypes for challenges around Water, Climate Change, Health and Well-being, Responsible Consumption and Production, and more.

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Published by Digital Society School in 2021. Global Goals Jam is founded by Digital Society School & United Nations Development Programme.

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Designed by Sarah Maglio, published and put together by Digital Society School.

This publication is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence (CC-BY-NC-DD 4.0).

Contributors include: Boaz Paldi, Marco van Hout, Yanfang Zhang, Tokushu Inamura, Yasuyuki Hirai, Shinichiro Ito, Sanmitra Chitte, Sanjay Gupta, Paul Bestebreurtje, Emer Beamer, Mohamed Muse Hasan, Nadim Choucair, Simona Maccagnani, Guilherme Toledo, Kelsie Stewart, Anneke van Woerden

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